25 Useful Subreddits That Can Actually Make You Smarter

useful subreddits to make you smarterReddit is more than just cat pics and nut shot videos. There are thousands of communities where you can engage with people who share similar interests. I’ve been on Reddit for over 5 years now and it’s become my social network of choice. If you haven’t joined yet I highly suggest you do. You’ll find it a more rewarding online experience than FaceBook and Instagram. Here are some subreddits that I frequent which have given me knowledge an insights that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.

1) Today I Learned


If you like random trivia this subreddit is like crack.

TIL the term "genuine leather" isn’t reassuring you that the item is made of real leather, it as an actual distinct grade of leather and is the second worst type of leather there is. from todayilearned

TIL that there are four stages to learning a new skill: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, and unconscious competence. from todayilearned

TIL that the morning after Muhammad Ali lost in a fight against Larry Holmes, a 14 year old Mike Tyson promised him that when he "got big" he would take down Larry Holmes for him. 6 years later, Tyson fought against Larry Holmes and won. from todayilearned


2) Life Pro Tips


Useful tips for everyday things.

LPT: Dry your clothes faster (in the dryer) by throwing in a few dry towels with it. They will absorb and disperse the moisture, allowing your clothes to dry much faster. This works great if you need to dry a single item very quickly. from LifeProTips

LPT: If you want to sell something online or on Craigslist, etc. ALWAYS post several pictures. If you are not serious about your ad, no one’s going to be serious about buying from you either. from LifeProTips

LPT: if you walk around your office, to stretch your legs, carry a notebook with you, you will be perceived as professional instead of slacking about. from LifeProTips

3) Frugal


Users will post their top money saving tips. It’s amazing what people will do to get a good bargain. It’s also a great consumer advocacy forum.

[Reminder] Amazon Day is a marketing event, not a deal day. from Frugal

CVS offers generic competitor to EpiPen for 1/6 the price from Frugal

How to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper for odd shaped gifts from Frugal

4) Depth Hub


DepthHub is a subreddit where users link to highly upvoted responses on other subreddits. Reddit has plenty of experts and this their showcase.

Seoul_Doctor describes how South Korean "Loudspeaker Propaganda" can be so effective from DepthHub

a1988eli comments on What do insanely wealthy people buy, that ordinary people know nothing about? from DepthHub

Redditor explains the fall of SEARS and predicts collapse by end of year from DepthHub


5) Travel


Users post travel tips like how to save money and be safe while traveling abroad.

Go to Slovenia. You won’t regret it. from travel

How not to be a tourist 101. As a Canadian I am ashamed and embarrassed. Don’t be like these guys. from travel

Delta.com Unethically Increases Price By 10% After Final Payment Screen from travel


6) Ask Historians


Reddit’s most heavily-moderated sub, Ask Historians requires in-depth and cited analysis of questions that users have about history.

Hitler won control of the Nazi party with an *almost* unanimous 553-1 vote. Is it known what happened to the guy behind the "1"? Did he survive Hitler’s rule? Why was he such a contrarian? from AskHistorians

Were there hardcore, dogged Nixon supporters who denied that he was involved in Watergate even after he resigned? from AskHistorians

During the Waco standoff in 1993, why did large segments of the American population rally around the leader of a doomsday cult who was sexually abusing young girls, rather than their own government? from AskHistorians

7) Documentaries


Users will post free documentaries that can be found on the web and add their own opinions and personal experiences. There’s more than just cable and Netflix when trying to find quality documentaries.

Iceman (2015) Documentary about Wim Hof who climbed Mount Everest in his shorts, resisted altitude sickness, completed a marathon in the Namibian Desert with no water and proven – under a laboratory setting – that he’s able to influence his autonomic nervous system and immune system at will. from Documentaries

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color (2017) Jim Carrey painting in his New York studio and expressing what art means to him. [6.18] from Documentaries

CBC: The real cost of the world’s most expensive drug (2015) – Alexion makes a lifesaving drug that costs patients $500K a year. Patients hire PR firm to make a plea to the media not realizing that the PR firm is actually owned by Alexion. from Documentaries

8) How-To


How to is a user-generated subreddit that explains how to do common tasks or learn certain skills.

How to correctly reverse park from howto

How to properly protect a wound on a joint. from howto

I can’t tie a bow tie without this guide. Maybe other people will find it useful as well. from howto

9) Do-It-Yourself


Step-by-step DIY guides where people build amazing things.

I built a machine that sorts M&Ms and Skittles by colour from DIY

I made an Iron Throne phone charger from DIY

I built a fully-functional overhead control panel for my computer from DIY

10) I Want To Learn


This is more of a question/answer forum where people will ask things like:

I want to learn how to stop procrastinating from IWantToLearn

IWTL SQL Programming Language from IWantToLearn

IWTL how to torrent books(specifically textbooks) from IWantToLearn


11) World News


If you’re sick of getting news from sources that have certain political agendas (FOX News, MSNBC, CNN) then this subreddit is for you.

Trump says US troops will remain in Afghanistan as rapid exit would leave ‘vacuum’ for terrorists from worldnews

North Korea shipments to Syria chemical arms agency intercepted: U.N. report from worldnews

Boko Haram has used 83 children as suicide bombers in 2017 – UNICEF from worldnews

12) Get Motivated


Users post inspiring quotes and pictures to help you get over that hump and achieve your goals.

[Image] We all have to Start somewhere from GetMotivated

[Image] This really stuck with me from GetMotivated

[Image] Meet Robert Smalls from GetMotivated

13) Cooking


Amateur chefs unite! This is a great sub cooking enthusiasts who want to up their game in the kitchen.

Cast Iron – bottom rack or top in the dishwasher? from Cooking

Kitchen cheat sheets from Cooking

About 500 favorite reddit recipes collected by hundreds of redditors from Cooking


14) Build A PC


You can save a lot of money by building your own PC. This sub is full of experts willing to help you build the gaming rig of your dreams.

Just built my first PC, everything is working except my monitor won’t turn on from buildapc

Pro tip: DO NOT use CPUboss. It’s confusing and uses meaningless statistics to compare products. from buildapc

My FPS went up with almost 50%.. I was gaming for 3 months in a row with my memory set at 800mhz, instead of 1866mhz! from buildapc

15) Ask Science


This is another heavily moderated forum where users can ask verified scientists questions about science.

Do giraffes get struck by lightning more often than other animals? from askscience

Why is the human nose the shape it is? Why isn’t it just two holes in our face? from askscience

Is it possible to Yo-Yo in space? from askscience

16) Male Fashion Advice


Stop dressing like a slob and up your clothing game with the help of this group of fashion-forward gentlemen.

compact wardrobe for college age men who don’t want to be "that guy" from malefashionadvice

A review of affordable watches between $10 and $500. from malefashionadvice

Best option I’ve found for keeping shirts tucked: non-slip rubber grips on the inside of pants from malefashionadvice

17) You Should Know


Pretty self-explanatory.

YSK: Babies do not shiver when they are cold. If you see a baby shivering it needs to be fed immediately because it probably has an extremely low blood sugar. from YouShouldKnow

YSK: Essential oils are called that because they are the "essence" of a plant, NOT because they are "essential" to human health from YouShouldKnow

YSK The FDA has lifted it’s lifetime ban on gay men donating blood as of 2016! from YouShouldKnow


18) Relationship Advice


While this may not be the most informative subreddit by any means it’s still fascinating to browse.

I (33m) overheard my girlfriend (28f) making fun of me pretty brutally to her best friend (27m). When I say brutally… I mean brutally. from relationship_advice

My girlfriend, the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with, just died this morning and I need some help. from relationship_advice

Girlfriend and I are competing.. and its getting out of hand from relationship_advice

19) Fitness


This subreddit is choke-full of fitness tips covering everything on proper form while lifting to nutrition.

Here’s a video I made to help you do PUSH UPS properly from Fitness

What 3 months of heavy lifting and CC did to my butt! (F/25/SW:136lbs, CW:121lbs) from Fitness

Two videos to fix posture. from Fitness

20) Personal Finance


Have questions about how to manage money? These users are very helpful in answering even the most basic questions about saving/investing your money.

Forbes: Employees who stay at a company for more than 2 years on average earn 50% less. from personalfinance

Your parents took decades to furnish their house from personalfinance

You do not have to give your employer 2 weeks notice. from personalfinance


21) Explain Like I’m Five


People ask questions and users do their best to give answers simple enough for a five year-old to understand.

ELI5: Why can people walk many miles without discomfort, but when they stand for more than 15 minutes or so, they get uncomfortable? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5: How can large chains (Target, Walmart, etc) produce store brand versions of nearly every product imaginable while industry manufacturers only really produce a single type of item? from explainlikeimfive

ELI5:Why is it good for you to raise your heart rate through aerobic exercise but not through caffeine, stress, anxiety, etc? from explainlikeimfive


22) Learn Programming


Programming is an extremely valuable skill to have in today’s modern work environment. Every company needs programmers.

I’ve taught 30,000 students how to code. Now I’m offering my course for free, forever. from learnprogramming

I made 47 free C++ tutorials on YouTube and wanted to share them with you guys from learnprogramming

Github Repo with 100+ Free resources to learn Full Stack Web Development. Thank you r/learnprogramming! from learnprogramming

23) Cool Guides


This subreddit consists of handy infographics which contain simple and easy to follow guide.

Fight Fake News. Know Who is Reputable. from coolguides

USB Types from coolguides

How to pick a lock from coolguides

24) If You Like ___


People post things they like and other users suggest similar.

[IIL] These are my top 50 albums (Not Finalized) [WEWIL] from ifyoulikeblank

[IIL] The little bit of water on the top of yogurt when you open up a chobani [WEWIL?] from ifyoulikeblank

[IIL] bobs burgers, futurama, rick and morty, the office, archer, parks and rec from ifyoulikeblank


25) Ask Engineers


A properly moderating subreddit where users can ask professional engineers questions.

How do ISPs and modems actually obtain the right signal off of a phone/cable/optical fiber/whatever line? from AskEngineers

What common design decisions do you hate with a passion that non-engineers don’t get? from AskEngineers

Why does SpaceX get a free pass (especially on Reddit) despite its horrific treatment of employees? from AskEngineers







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