8 Useful Skills You Can Learn In Under 30 Minutes While Sitting At Your Desk

1) How To Tie Basic Knots

basic knots


Everyone should know how to tie a proper knot. Head over to your local outdoors shop where you can buy climbing rope by the foot. A 10′ rope should be sufficient to learn all of the basic knots. These knots will come in handy in all kinds of situations, especially in emergencies.

2) Meditation (Anxiety and Stress)

desk meditationResources:

Mindful breathing works wonders for your mental health. 10 minutes of meditation is like taking a Xanax. It will test your patience at first but once you get the hang of it you’ll make it a daily practice. If work is making you stressed take 10 minutes to slow breathe and get your mind right.

3) How To Properly Fold Shirts

how to properly fold a shirt


I wish I would have stumbled upon these tutorials years ago. Until now I haphazardly rolled my clothes up and shoved them in my drawers. Properly folding your clothes also reduces wrinkles and makes traveling with dress clothes less of a headache.

4) Windows Hotkeys

windows shortcuts

I recently challenged myself to not use my mouse when sitting at my computer. It was hard at first but once I learned all of the keyboard shortcuts I know navigate around my desktop like a pro. I was using my mouse as a crutch instead of utilizing the built-in shortcuts built right into the Windows operating system.

5) Google Search Operators

google search operators

Most people don’t know that Google has many built-in search functions that get you what you need without having to open separate programs or websites. Searching efficiently makes you better at whatever you job is.

Advanced Search Operators In Action: 

6) Lockpicking

ppicking a basic lock


Who hasn’t lost their keys at some point? Lockpicking comes in handy during emergency situations and also when you find yourself locked out of your car. You can find lockpicking kits on Amazon or you local hobby store. A basic lock pick can be learned in under 20 minutes.

7) Basic Knitting

basic knitting


Knitting isn’t just for grandma anymore. I’ve found it to be very therapeutic while sitting during downtime and also a useful skill when repairing ripped clothing.

8) Nato Phonetic Alphabet

nato phonetic alphabet

Learning the phonetic alphabet can come in handy when trying to spell out words or bad phone connections and can be a life-saver if you find yourself trying to communicate in emergency situations.

Here they are:

  • A–Alpha
  • B–Bravo
  • C–Charlie
  • D–Delta
  • E–Echo
  • F–Foxtrot
  • G–Golf
  • H–Hotel
  • I–India
  • J–Juliet
  • K–Kilo
  • L–Lima
  • M–Mike
  • N–November
  • O–Oscar
  • P–Papa
  • Q–Quebec
  • R–Romeo
  • S–Sierra
  • T–Tango
  • U–Uniform
  • V–Victor
  • W–Whiskey
  • X–X-ray
  • Y–Yankee
  • Z–Zulu

5) How To Properly Fold Shirts

how to properly fold a shirt


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