30 under $30 – Amazingly Useful Amazon Products For Budget Shoppers

1) On Your Toes Foot Powder 

on your toes foot powder
Price: $12.00  Prime Eligible: Yes

This powder literally stops your feet from smelling. I didn’t think such a thing existed until a good friend of mine recommended On Your Toes. It takes 2-3 applications and stops your feet from producing the bacteria responsible for smelly feet for up to 6 months. This is a godsend for people who wear sandals and/or prefer to go sockless when wearing shoes.

2) Yeti Rambler – 20oz Stainless Steel

yeti 20oz rambler
Price: $25.95  Prime Eligible: Yes

There’s a reason why everyone seems to be using Yeti mugs these days, they’re insanely good at what they do: keeping drinks hot/cold. And now that they’re coming down in price it’s a no-brainer to pick one up. I’ve had my original Yeti for almost 3 years and it’s shown little signs of wearing down.

3) ThermoPro Digital Grilling Thermometer

digital grilling thermometer
Price: $9.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

This thermometer is specially calibrated to read the temperature of meat while you’re cooking on the grill. Extremely useful for chicken and pork where you need to make sure it’s cooked well enough to prevent food poisoning.

4) SafeRest Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

waterproof mattress protector
Price: $29.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

This is a fantastic product for guest beds. Completely waterproof, it also prevents bodily fluids from entering the mattress which causes it to retain weight and compromise the integrity of the bed frame.

5) Sabrent 4-Port USB Hub

sabrant 4 port usb charger
Price: $7.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

This USB hub is a game changer for charging multiple devices. It’s also handy if you work with digital photography/video and need a fast data transfer solution. It Supports transfer speeds up to 5Gbps (USB 3.0), 480Mbps (USB 2.0), 12Mbps (USB 1.1). There’s also blue light indicators and on/off switches that indicate which USB connection is currently in use.

6) JOTO Universal Waterproof Universal Phone Case

universal waterproof phone case
Price: $7.49 Prime Eligible: Yes

This phone case is a no-brainer if you spend a lot of time at the pool/lake/ocean. It allows you to use your phone like you normally would while adding the peace of mind of knowing that if your precious iPhone takes a dip you’ll be safe. Users remark that it’s “surprisingly responsive“.

7) Kidde Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher

home fire extenguisher
Price: $19.98  Prime Eligible: Yes

One of those things you never need until something bad happens. The Kidde home fire extinguisher is lightweight, durable, and easy-to-use. And at only $20 there’s no excuse to not have one, especially if you cook at home frequently. It’s small enough to store in a kitchen cabinet and could be a life-saver if you ever encounter a grease fire.

8) Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner

affresh dishwasher cleaner under 30
Price: $6.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

Who knew you had to wash your dishwasher? These little tablets are miracle workers that function simply by inserting them like you would if you were doing a full load of dishes. It completely cleans the inside of your dishwasher and prevents mold/bacteria from growing. People also say that it stops your dishwasher from smelling. 

9) LIFT Reusable Microwavable Meal Prep Containers

microwaveable meal prep containers
Price: $10.97 Prime Eligible: Yes

I always found it annoying that I couldn’t use my microwave to heat up the food I had saved in tupperware containers. Although I was mostly heating up leftovers or takeout I still thought there had to be a better solution. The Lift reusable and microwavable food containers alleviate this issue by allowing you to heat up your food using the microwave instead of having to dirty-up a clean plate. There’s especially useful if you meal-prep for the week and want to have quick and easy access to your food.

10) LifeEasy Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener

cheap stainless steel kitchen knife sharpener
Price: $16.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

I used to think that in order to have a really sharp steak knife it meant having to spend $100+ on a set of ceramic blades from a specialty store. I then got my hands on the LifeEasy knife sharpener and quickly realized that it was all a matter of proper knife maintenance. Running your knives through this handy little thing makes the cheapest of blades sharp enough to cut through tough meats like beef roasts and venison with ease. Stop wasting money on buying new knives and pickup this effective knife sharpener.

11) Active WOW Teeth Whitening Powder

teeth whitening powder
Price: $24.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

This looks pretty gnarly when you brush your teeth with it but damn if it doesn’t work like a charm. A much more cost effective method of teeth whitening, WOW Activated Charcoal Powder is a natural way to whiten your teeth without all of the harsh chemicals. It currently has a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon and is currently the site’s best-selling teeth whitening solution.

12) Dynarex Adult Wipes

adult washcloths
Price: $18.66 Prime Eligible: No, Ships Within 2-4 Days

For those of us not lucky enough to have a bidet at home these adult washcloths are an absolute game changer. They come in 4 packs of 64 and are unmatched in durability. They’re much tougher than the ones you can buy at the grocery store and leave you feeling fresh and clean after dropping a deuce. Once you start using them it’s hard to wipe with just plain-old toilet paper.

13) FocusPower Bluetooth Earbuds

bluetooth wireless earbuds
Price: $23.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

There are a lot of bluetooth headsets out there but few seem to have the shining reviews and reputation that the FocusPower earbuds have. They feature wireless inductive charging, a 3.5 hour battery life, multipoint connection (multiple devices at once) and have a range of up to 30 feet. They’re also great to make phone calls with.

14) WizGear Magnetic Car Phone Mount

magnetic car mount wizgear
Price: $8.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

I prefer the vent-mounted phone holders over suction cup ones. They stay on better and removal is easier. The WizGear Universal Phone mount uses a magnet to keep your phone attached and can be turned around in different directions to accommodate vertical and horizontal orientations. Extremely useful for those of us who don’t have onboard navigation in our cars.

15) Panasonic Nose, Ear and Hair Trimmer

ear and nose hair trimmer
Price: $14.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

There’s nothing more unsightly than unwanted nose/ear hair. While some brave warriors prefer the pluck method luckily Panasonic offers an affordable alternative. LIghtweight and compact to use, the GN30 is the top-selling hair trimmer on Amazon.com and has glowing reviews. It trims both wet and dry hair with ease. Powered by a single AA battery, the trimmer is a must-have solution for removing unwanted body hair residing in tight places.

16) Cards Against Humanity

people playing cards against humanity
Price: $25 Prime Eligible: Yes

While not useful in the sense that a pocket flashlight or wet wipes are, Cards Against Humanity works great if you need to entertain house guests in a pinch. Just make sure that your house guests aren’t too politically correct as this games game borders on offensive. This card set comes with 550 cards and the box doubles as America’s “#1 gerbil coffin”.

17) Victorinox Huntsman 2 Swiss Army Knife

huntsman 2 swiss army knife sawing a piece of wood
Price: $28.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

This ain’t your grandpappy’s pocketknife. The Huntsman 2 comes with 15 functions to equip you for everyday adventures – including a 2.45″ blade, corkscrew, bottle opener with screwdriver, wood saw and scissors, wine corkscrew and much more. A great item if you’re the outdoorsy type or just want a capable all-around tool to use around the house. Made by Victorinox, this utility knife is the most dependable on the market and for only $29 it’s a steal.

18) Space Saving Laundry Hamper Bag

door hanging space saving laundry bag
Price: $18.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

If you live in a condo or apartment this bag is an absolute game-changer. It works simply by fastening it to the back of one of your doors. It comes with a side pocket as well for storing extra sweaty post-workout clothes. Included with the bag are two sturdy chrome hooks that fasten tightly to the door, allowing you to easily move the bag to different locations. This bag is also useful for general storage and can be stowed away easily.

19) Slenderizer Green Tea, 1 lb Bulk Bag

making slenderizer green tea
Price: $16.95 Prime Eligible: Yes

Stop wasting your money buying tea in individual bags. Loose leaf is a godsend for people who drink a lot of tea and want to set their own caffeine and taste levels. Slenderizer offers a 1 lb bag for only $17, that’s almost 200 cups! I ordered a bag and have been using it daily for 3 months and it’s only halfway done. It comes in several flavors but the lean green machine is my personal favorite.

20) Clif Builders Bars (12 pack)

clif builders bar
Price: $15.64 Prime Eligible: Yes

All the taste of your favorite chocolate bar without the guilt (and sugar). Clif Builders bars sell for $2-$3 at the grocery store but you can get a 12-pack on Amazon for $16. If there’s anything that makes sense to buy in bulk it’s certainly nutritional products like protein bars. These bars have a walloping 20 grams of protein and can be used to keep you from unnecessarily snacking throughout the day. They’re also great for post-workout recovery.

21) Odor Free, Moisture Wicking Workout Towel

moisture wicking workout towel
Price: $11.97 Prime Eligible: Yes

I bought one of these thinking; how special can this towel really be? For half the price I can buy two towels from the grocery store that’ve always “worked” in the past for me. I was blown away by how well this towel actually wicks away body sweat. While doing cardio I drape it around my neck and it does a lot of the job without even having to lift it. It’s also great if you want to cool down after a workout: you just dip it in cold water and lay it on your head for instant gratification. It also dries pretty quickly so you don’t have to wash it after every workout.

22) Nature’s Passion 2 Ounce Relaxing Passionflower Extract

passionflower extract for sleeping
Price: $11.99 Prime Eligible: Yes

If you’re like me and spend much of your days caffeinating yourself and working on a computer, falling asleep can often be a challenge. While some turn to pharmaceuticals as sleep aids I prefer a more natural method. PassionFlower extract is 100% natural and has proven to be an effective sleep aid for people who suffer with insomnia. It’s the same stuff that goes in sleepytime tea and can be taken simply by placing some drops in a cold cup of water. The taste takes a little getting used to but the results speak for themself.

23) Screen Mom Natural LCD Screen Cleaner

screen mom natural cleaner for computer screens
Price: $16.95 Prime Eligible: Yes

This cleaning solution is specially formulated to clean sensitive electronic screens. Don’t risk using an abrasive cleaner like Windex on your $2,000 Macbook Pro. It comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and can be used on phones and tablets as well. While it’s twice the price of a standard glass cleaner I can personally attest that it’s way more effective and doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals found in standard household cleaners.

24) Black Beard Shaving Apron

black beard apron for beard trimming
Price: $9.47 Prime Eligible: Yes

I’m not sure who likes this more, me or my wife. This apron keeps beard hairs from flying around the bathroom and/or clogging the sink. It comes with two suction cups that you fix to the bathroom mirror and also a storage compartment to store your favorite beard trimmer. If you like to trim your beard weekly this apron lets you do it with confidence. No more having to clean up unsightly hair trimmings.

25) Bai Cocofusions Antioxident Energy Tea (12 pack)

bai antiodixent drink
Price: $22.42 Prime Eligible: Yes

These drinks are the shit! Not only do they have all the taste of a regular sweetened tea but they have only 10 calories per bottle. That’s mind boggling after you take your first sip considering how full-flavored and bold it tastes. There are no added sugars and they come with all the health benefits of a green tea of with natural added tastes like coconut, pineapple, raspberry, lime, and more.

26) Sporty Touch 4″ Coolmax Headband

sporty touch sweatband
Price: $15.95 Prime Eligible: Yes

Yes, $16 for a sweatband seems like a lot of money. I wasn’t a believer until I actually tried it for myself. Out of all the hats and headbands I’ve used over the years this is by far the most effective in keeping sweat out of my eyes. Best of all, you can wring it out and hang it up after you run and it’s dry the next day. Because of the high-technology fabric used, it also does a fantastic job of keeping your head cool in the sun.

27) Drinkwel Pills For Hangovers

drinkwel hangover pills
Price: $21.04 Prime Eligible: Yes

“Your Body Will Thank You” is this company’s tagline.  For those who like to party these little pills are a lifesaver. I went on a bachelor party in Vegas last year and decided to pull the trigger on this 10 pack. It works by taking 3 pills before you start drinking and 3 pills before you go to bed. They’re all-natural and work by supporting your liver and helping you metabolize the common chemicals found in alcohol. I couldn’t believe how good I felt after consuming close to 8 beers and 5 shots in one sitting.

28) 2m Rubberized Undercoating Spray

3m undercoating for car
Price: $9.95 Prime Eligible: Yes

Nothing makes a car lose value quicker than rust on the undercarriage. This spray from 3m is easy to apply and prevents rust buildup caused by rain and ice. If you live somewhere that sees substantial amounts of snowfall then you already know what salt can do to a car. Instructions are easy: clean the area with soap and water and spray. $10 is a small price to pay for keeping your car rust free.

29) AMAZKER 3D Sleep Mask

3d sleepmask
Price: $10.59 Prime Eligible: Yes

Most people don’t realize that melatonin has a major impact on our sleep cycles. Melatonin is a naturally-occurring chemical that is affected by light intake. While getting blackout curtains and turning off all your household lights is a good start using a mask like this can guarantee you’re eyes aren’t taking in any unnecessary light that causes disruptions to your sleep cycle. It’s soft, comfortable, and comes with a carrying case and set of earplugs.

30) Amazon Basics AA Batteries (48 pack)

48 battery pack from amazon
Price: $12.49 Prime Eligible: Yes

Stop overpaying at the grocery store for batteries. You know that you’ll continue to need them and why pay $6 for a 12-pack of energizers when you can buy in bulk from Amazon? They hold the same amount of charge as competing batteries and come at the very low price of $12.50 for 48 of them.

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