“I’m In My 30s And Don’t Go To The Bars Anymore” Starterpack

i dont go to the bars anymore starterpack


A weird activity that’s a hybrid between surfing and kayaking. This fad has seems to have caught on in recent years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Waking up for an early Saturday morning river run will make you think twice about hitting the bars the night before.

Desk Jobs

It seems like those with office jobs find it harder to sit and stare at a computer screen when they have an axe handle in their head. Most take Adderall and/or 5-hour energy during the day to combat the effects of hangovers.

Yard Work

Nothing is harder to do with a hangover than laborious house chores. You can suck it up and sweat through the day but I’d rather be on my couch, watching Heat when I have a Saturday hangover.


It’s hard to justify pounding Jaegerbombs all night when you have to wake up the next morning to take little Jimmy to soccer practice.


You just don’t see a lot of married couples out at the bar. Married people’s’ drinking activities are usually relegated to daytime drinking at local breweries or having wine parties with their boring neighbors.

At-Home Entertainment

Why go out and drink when you can sit on your ass and watch Netflix?

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