Southern Frat Guy Starterpack

southern frat guy starterpack

If you visit the campus of a big southern school like Bama or The University of Georgia you’re more than likely to come across one of these fratboys who for some inexplicable reason have a smoking hot girlfriend. For those who grew up in the Northeast it’s especially shocking: The dorky kid who in high school got swirlies and was considered lame as hell was now the guy getting all the women. Some key characteristics of these guys:

Perpetually Tucked-In Shirts

While there are some occasions where tucking your shirt in are appropriate (banquets, fancy dinners, funerals), for most of us it just doesn’t make sense on a daily basis. Southern Fratboys feel the need to sport this look while walking from class to class and even when just chillaxing in their dorm room.


While to many avid boaters and outdoorsmen croakies are a convenient way to keep your sunglasses secured to your head southern fratboys can often be seen wearing them late night at the bar as if they’re vampires preparing for a sudden burst of sunlight.

Northface and Patagonia

Even though the winters aren’t particularly cold that doesn’t stop southern fratboys from sporting their Patagonia vests and Northface fleeces. If they really want to make a statement they can get one of those belts that has the Patagonia fish as the belt buckle.

Yeti Products

Whether it’s the cooler, coozie, or branded trucker hat nothing says southern style like Yeti. The Yeti brand is remarkable though, I can’t think of any other company besides Harley Davidson where people have bumper stickers on their cars.

Campus Republicans

If you’re thinking that all college kids are liberal, Bernie-supporting Democrats think again. Most southern fratguys are proud members of the Republican Party. It’s also no secret that many of them are regular churchgoers and in the Princeton Review southern colleges are most annually awarded the title of “most conservative”.

Penny Loafers

Shouldn’t these have gone out of style in the late 80s? Unless your name is Carlton Banks you have no business sporting these type of dress shoes. Bonus points to the guys who actually have a penny in the buckle.



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