The Most Overpriced Things We Still Pay For

Mobile Data

4g mobile data towers

Seriously, we are paying through the teeth for the internet that runs on our phones. Mobile data is purely a junk fee and it’s a major source of income for the wireless phone companies. Unlimited plans are the way to go, especially if you were grandfathered into one.

Airport Food

airport food is a ripoff

Why do they charge such exuberant prices for food at the airport? Because they can. While some airports like Portland International have policies which mandate that prices be the same as they are outside of the airport most of them are happy to charge $4.00 for a bottle of Coke. Let’s call it a captive audience. 

College Text Books

college textbooks are a ripoff

The publishing cartels have a virtual stranglehold on the textbook market. Often times, colleges will sign long-term contracts with these companies that require them to re-up every time they publish a new edition. Unless the textbook is self-authored, many professors will give students the option to print of relevant sections of the book instead of dropping $400 for something they’ll most likely use for one semester.

Hotel Internet

hotel internet is a scam

$29.99 a night to send some emails and watch Netflix? Again, we’re dealing with a captive audience here and unless you have one of those aforementioned unlimited data plans on your phone most often you just don’t have a choice.


mattresses are a ripoff

These days your best bet is to go through an online retailer and cut out the middleman. The high margins are understandable though at a retail level; overhead, transport, employees etc. The internet retailers certainly have an advantage right now. I got a memory foam mattress on Amazon for $380 and it’s held up great so far (had it for 2 years).

Printer Ink

printer ink is a ripoff

Sometimes it cheaper to buy a whole new printer than buying replacement ink. The whole idea of printers is to be sold for incredibly cheap so (near)any family can purchase them, but have extreme prices on ink.


bras are a ripoff

Bras aren’t that complicated. They’re usually made of a cotton/spandex mix and put together by sweatshop workers in third-world countries like Bangladesh.

Razor Blades

razor blades are a ripoff

Even Dollar Shave Club is a ripoff. The smartest thing today is by straight razors at $10 for 50 of them. It’s still cheaper even if you replace the razor every time you shave.


baby diapers too expensive

Buy bulk. If you have a Sam’s Club near you they have their own brand called Member’s Mark. We get like 350 for 48 bucks. For size 4 that’s a helluva deal at 14 or so cents a diaper. If you want to save money on diapers don’t buy them at the pharmacy/grocery store.

College Tuition

college tuition is expensive

A college degree is not worth as much as it used to be. Students are often left with crippling debt that follows them into their middle age. There is currently a severe shortage of qualified plumbers, electricians, and other not-so-sexy career options that people choose to opt college over. Learning a skilled trade may be the best route to go these days.

Hospital Care

cost of hospital care in the US

There’s something just wrong about paying $500 for a saline bag. Hospital visits in the United States can get pricey real quick and often times insurance companies will only cover expenses up to a certain point.

Coffee At Restaurants

coffee at restaurants is overpriced

For what costs pennies to brew at home, coffee at restaurants is a downright ripoff at $3-4 a cup.


glasses are marked up in retail stores

Prescription glasses and sunglasses are marked up by 200-300%. We can thank the Luxottica company for buying up all the other glasses companies and having a virtual monopoly on the market.

Theatre Popcorn

movie theatre popcorn cost more than steak

Movie popcorn costs more per ounce than filet mignon. Hide that candy in your pants!

Engagement Rings

engagement rings are a scam

For a quick rundown of why these cost so much check out this informative video from College Humor. Basically, the De Beers diamond cartel creating in ad slogan telling men that a proper engagement ring should cost 2 months salary. It caught on like wildfire and poor suckers to this day continue to waste money on what is basically a useless rock..


epipens severely marked up in price

The pharmaceutical company Mylan jacked the prices up 500%, leaving many who rely on these life-saving devices in the lurch.


atm machine

So let me get this straight: I have to pay money to get my money? Unless you’re buying weed or going to a concert where there’s cash-only concessions you shouldn’t need cash anyways. Any retailer who doesn’t at least have a square reader isn’t legitimate anyways.


smoothies are a ripoff

Although they’re very tempting, especially when you’re hungry at the mall smoothies are a ridiculous ripoff. If you really need a smoothie fix consider buying frozen fruit, protein powder, and plain yogurt at the grocery store. Mix those together and add a little water and bingo! you have a smoothie at a fraction of the cost. (blender required)

Greeting Cards

greeting cards are too expensive

I’m in the wrong business. I should have started a greeting card company. The material costs associated with these things are a fraction of the $4-6 they charge in gift shops/grocery stores.

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