New England Liberal Arts College Starterpack

new england liberal arts college starterpack

New England is full of expensive liberal arts schools. Most of them are populated by trust fund kids who treat college as a pilgrimage to ski and smoke pot while majoring in English Literature or Philosophy.

Wacky Professors

Liberal Arts schools tend to attract baby-boomer hippie professors who’ve settled into their safe space and are given carte blanche to mask their political leanings as curriculum.

Craft Beer

Nothing is more conformist than drinking a good ole American beer like Budweiser. Instead, many of these kids opt to spend $10 on a six-pack of IPA or heady brown ale.

Student Debt

Unless you’re one of these aforementioned trust fund kids these universities can leave the average student with a mountain of debt. Good luck trying to capitalize on the political science degree when you’re chest-high in crippling student loans.


Marijuana is a staple of every liberal arts college. It’s easy to find and prevalent even among faculty.

Boston Sports

Walk around a New England college campus and you will see people wearing “Boston Strong” shirts and tattered Red Sox hats.


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