NBA Post-Game Press Conference Starterpack

Post-game NBA press conferences are often highlighted by player fashion. From Kevin Durant and his backpacks to Lebron and his colorful shirts NBA players make it a point to stand out. Some key ingredients:

Beats Headphones

Nothing says you’re ballin like a fancy pair of headphones. Although many audiophiles consider them subpar and overpriced, Beats By Dre Headphones no doubt show that you don’t mind spending $200+ on what basically boils down to a fashion accessory. 

Loud Button-Down Shirts

Weather they’re flower pattern or bright pink many NBA players will sport these shirts that seem to have been picked out by an Italian fashion designer.


Paging Louis Farrakhan…………bowties are a throwback to the good ole days when long neck ties were considered fashion for the peasants.

Top Hats

You have to be famous or live in Brooklyn to get away with wearing one of these.

Designer Glasses

I’d be willing to bet that most of the time these aren’t even prescription glasses.

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