25 Must Have Hidden-Gem Android Apps

1) MightyText

mighty text android appDownload Link

MightyText is the shit. It’s one of the biggest reasons I won’t get an iPhone. Because Apple has yet to open their messaging API Mighty Text hasn’t become available on iTunes.

Mighty Text allows you to send messages through your phone via any device running Chrome. You quickly realize how much more efficient it is typing on a standard keyboard rather than the restrictive keypad on your smartphone. You can also schedule messages (useful for sending birthday wishes), easily attach media files, and with the pro version automatically store any picture you take on your phone to the cloud. Nothing beats the raw efficiency of using your laptop to send text messages. You can also integrate it with your Gmail inbox to have a seamless experience with your email messages.

2) Star Traders RPG


Download Link

A rogue-like (optional, lower difficulties lets you keep playing with some penalties) turn based RPG with a HUGE amount of content. I think I’ve spent at least 200 hours playing, and that was just the free version (no ads or annoying limits, just a smaller map and a few less starter ships).

3) Unified Remote

unified remote android app

Download Link

This app takes effect any time you tap something that needs to be loaded in a browser. Instead of opening it in your default browser a bubble will appear on your screen and the link will load in that. I can tap a link I want to view and look at it right away, or leave it and continue what I’m doing and check it out after. You can load multiple links at a time (it will stack) and the bubble is about the same size as the FB messenger ones. I like it for redditing, since I’m opening so many external links and the bubbles load/close faster than using firefox every time. You can always make the bubble open into your browser after if you need to.

4) Wifi Analyser

wifi analyser android app

Download Link

Many wifi routers are using a factory default channel, meaning you can end up in situation where most wifi in an apartment building are basically jamming each others.

Also gives you cool graphs so even your grandma can understand the issue.

5) Torque Pro

torque android app

Download Link

If you’re a car person, even if you’re not, this App is a must have. Think of it like a digital spanner. You buy a $10 bluetooth OBDII dongle (searching ELM327 gets you ones that work) from Amazon, and this app. You can now plug the dongle into your car, and your phone becomes a digital diagnostics toolkit. You can read and reset fault codes (getting rid of the engine management light). You can monitor data on the EC in real time like engine/oil temps, pressures, RPM. It can data log journeys, put data overlays onto track or road footage… It’s a beast of an app. It also works very well on Android tablets.

6) SNES9x

super mario on snes emulator android

Download Link

A Snes emulator. On android. The wow? My phone is a sony, so I can hook up a Sony PS3 controller wirelessly, and play mariokart on my phone on the train into work. Awww yes.

7) Wabbitemu

Wabbitemu emulator t83 for android

Download Link

Its a fully functioning and perfectly working TI84 graphing calculator for free with no advertisements as well. Google play only, no Apple.

8) AirConsole

air console

Download Link

It’s pretty much a website where you can play party/co-op games on one TV. All you need to do is go to the airconsole.com website to play a game. You can use your mobile phone as controller!

It has cards against humanity and a lot of pretty good rip offs from gamecube games (Mario party, Mario kart)

9) Phone Warrior

phone warrior spam block for android

Download Link

A weird random number pops up on the phone, Phone Warrior provides the crowd-sourced caller ID info (such as “Car Warranty Scam” that I see so much and offer to block it for me.

10) Pixel Filter

pixel filter android

Download Link

This app is for those with AMOLED screens. If you have an AMOLED display, true black does not require power to display. With this app, you can turn off a percentage of the screen to be displayed as black pixels. Helps for saving battery life.

11) Screenshot Crop and Share

screenshot crop and share android app

Download Link

Hate having to take a screenshot, drop down your notification shade or go to your picture app to view/customize it? This app gives an overlay with many customization options after you take a screenshot.

12) Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop app for android

Download Link

As long as you have Chrome and the accompanying Chrome extension you can remote into your PC from your phone and control the cursor and type using your phone. The feed is fairly smooth providing connection is good both ends. Chrome doesn’t even need to be open to use it but the PC does have to be on. Best of all, its an official google app, so at least you know who is snooping on your activities!


psp app for android

Download Link

It’s a high quality PSP emulator that works for android and PC.One of the best games to get for it that are 100% perfectly compatible with the touchscreen controller are Patapon 1, 2 and 3.

14) Audio Rocket

audio rocket for android

Download Link

Let’s you listen to YouTube while your phone is locked. A must-have for those who are too cheap to pay for a Spotify subscription.

15) Podcast Addict

podcast addict

Download Link

Ads are non-intrusive, podcast player is excellent, layout is fairly simple, and it has loads of customization (smart speed/skip silence, playback speed, double-press customization for headphone buttons, etc.)

16) Flightradar24

flight tracker app for android

Download Link

This app shows all aircraft around the world. So that airplane flying overhead?…load up the app and it usually tells you to/from airports, type of aircraft, and other cool stuff.Well worth the 3.99 I used from Google opinion rewards to pay for the full version. There is a free version

17) Snorelab

snoring analysis app for android

Download Link

Aren’t you sure how loud you snore if at all?, this app lets you find out.Nobody could tell me reliably my snoring habits , neither my SO, simple, gives you lots of statistics and it can record your snoring and it’s always funny to listen to yourself later.

18) Mood Journal

mood journal app for android

Download Link

Basically you can rate your mood at particular moments, you can set up whenever you want to rate it and it’ll notify you. You then can put in comments about your mood.I find it really helps to do this. When you look back at your bad moments you realize that a majority of them were pointless, at least for me. And the good moments remind you of the small things that happened you may have forgotten about.I also use it to track my mood when I get done watching movies. That way I can go through and find movies to re-watch that I enjoyed a lot. Among other things.

19) MyFitnessPal

fitness app for android

Download Link

I don’t use the graphs and other crazy things, but being able to do rough estimates of my calorie intake and nutrition within minutes has really helped me stay on a healthy diet. Don’t take it all for face value though, most of the foods are user inputted.

20) Signal

signal private messaging app

Download Link

End to end encrypted chats in an open source messaging app that also works as an sms app for your contacts that don’t have Signal installed. If only everyone started using this instead of Whatsapp, the world would be a better place.

21) Duolingo

duolingo app for android

Download Link

It’s a language learning app. Multiple languages to learn. Won’t make you fluent, but will get you started.

22) Llama

llama app for android

Download Link

It’s a location-aware app that uses the nearby cell towers for location determination rather than GPS. That makes its accuracy a bit more granular – “home” is about a mile diameter – but it’s still effective in turning off my wi-fi and turning on my bluetooth when I leave home, and setting my ringer to vibrate when I get to work.

23) Google Opinion Rewards

google rewards app android

Download Link

Get a notification for a survey, fill it out (from my experience they are all really short, 2 sec – 1 min), and then you get money on your google account which you can use to buy other apps and/or make purchases in other apps.

24) Terrarium TV

terrarium tv for android app

Download Link

This app can watch streaming and download your favourite TV Shows (even Movies). Also, you can download the subtitle (include non-english) too. Love This App!

25) Tasker

tasker app for android

Download Link

Automate nearly EVERYTHING on your phone. Want your phone to turn wifi off when you’re not home, and on when you are home, done. At night when I go to bed, when the stars align just right(Phone is wirelessly charging, watch is charging, i’m connected to my wifi, and it’s between 11pm and 7am) my phone goes into Do not disturb.

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