25 Mind-Blowing Data Visualizations

1) Berlin Subway Map Compared To Its Actual Geography

berlin subway map compared to its actual geography
Credit: /u/vinnivinnivinni

It’s amazing how maps can distort things. The shrunken down actual version probably wouldn’t look as nice on paper.

2) Popular Vote Turnout: 2008, 2012, 2016

american election results
Credit: /u/dinoignacio

Hillary Clinton didn’t lose in 2016 because the Republicans grew their base; she lost because the Democrats didn’t come out to vote. Her campaign just assumed that the voters who turned out for Obama would do the same for her. She was wrong.

3) Donations to U.S. Senators From The Telecom Industry


donations the telecom industry made to us senators
Credit: /r/datashown

This is sickening. Politicians obviously don’t respect the idea of a free and open internet and were willing to sell their constituents out if the price was right. A testament to why why need campaign finance reform.

4) Countries With The Largest Defense Budgets

national defense spending by country
Credit: /u/datashown

No surprise here. The U.S. is #1 by a longshot. Astounding that China has close to 10x the population and spends a fraction of what the U.S. does.

5) Largest Corporations By Revenue

largest worldwide corporation by revenue
Credit: /r/datashown

Oil and gas is big business. It’s not hard to connect the dots to determine why we have such strong military presence in countries with these natural resources.

6) Google Searches For [iPhone slow] After Every New iPhone Release

searches for slow iphone peak at every new iphone release
Credit: /r/dreamfall17

Coincidence? Many people often have speculated that Apple “makes your phone slow” when they release new versions which causes people to upgrade. It may be purely psychological though and maybe people are just looking for an excuse to get a new shiny toy.

7) The Secret of Success from the Perspective of the Rich, Middle Class & Poor

secrets of success according to the different classes
Credit: /u/vizright

People who are financially successful know that hard work pays off.

8) The Fastest Animals in the World

the fastest animals in the world
Credit: /u/kabukistar

The Peregrine Falcon is truly a badass animal. The ultimate apex predator can reach soaring speeds while dive bombing its prey.

9) Correlation Between US Spending on Science and Suicides by Hanging

correlation between death by hanging and us science spending
Credit: tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations

Completely useless but interesting nonetheless.

10) Star Wars Film Ratings By Episode

start wars films by ratings imdb
Credit: /r/Ranger-UK

Based on IMDB rating I find this graph to be surprising considering how ill-received the prequels were by critics. It seems like these ratings may be the result of fanboy manipulation.

11) Every Bomb Dropped By The Allies During WW2

bombs dropped by the allie interactive gif
Credit: /r/amazonada

The U.S. and its allies dropped enough bombs for a lifetime during WW2. This interactive GIF gives you a clear idea of bombing strategy in Western Europe and The Pacific Theatre.

12) The Fastest Moving Balls in Sports

the fastest moving balls in sports
Credit: /u/e8odie

I did not even think of badminton here. Dude hit a shuttlecock over 300 MPH! How is this humanly possible? How do you even return a shot like that? Test that guy for steroids.

13) The History Of Gay Marriage in the United States

history of same sex marriage in the US
Credit: /u/Sen_Mendoza

The United States has come a long way in terms of marriage equality. Thanks to Barack Obama same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.

14) U.S. Abortion Rates By Presidential Administration

us abortion rate by president
Credit: /u/ jaces_dream

It would be interesting to do a deep-dive into this and figure out if these rates are related to the economy and/or younger people becoming more aware of birth control methods.

15) University Graduate Facial Hair Styles (1898 – 2008)

facial hair style of university graduates
Credit: /u/Mystic_Toaster

70’s facial hair phenomenon confirmed.

16) Largest Occupations in the United States

largest occupations in the united states
Credit: /u/datashown

It’s no surprise that retail salespeople make up the bulk of available U.S. jobs.  We can also expect U.S. nursing jobs to soar as baby boomers get older.

17) World Record Running Pace By Distance

world record running paces by race distance
Credit: /u/dkdviz

This isn’t too hard to comprehend but interesting nonetheless.

18) World’s Largest City Over 4,000 Years

interactive map of world's largest cities by population over 4000 years
Credit: /u/simongerman600

The rise and fall of the Roman Empire and the Middle East is what stands out the most here. It’s also amazing to see American cities like New York and Los Angeles grow so quickly within the last several hundred years.

19) Drug Overdose Rates in the United States

drug overdose rates in the united states
Credit: /u/datashown

Opioid addiction is a serious problem in the Rust Belt. It’s no surprise that states that’ve gotten hit the hardest in economic terms are the ones suffering from debilitating drug addictions.

20) United States Mattress Sizes

united states mattress sizes
Credit: /u/bourbonandvinyl

21) Biggest Airlines in the United States

biggest airlines in the united states
Credit: /u/datashown

I always fly Delta unless it’s an emergency situation and I have no other choice.

22) Global Temperature Increases From 1880 – 2015

global temperature timeline increases
Credit: /u/datashown

I’m not sure how people can look at data like this and still deny that global warming is a real thing.

23) Michael Jordan’s Shot Chart During the 1996-1997 Season

michael jordan shot chart 96-97
Credit: /u/EyalSha

Around the paint was Jordan’s sweet spot. A truly great basketball player knows his shooting strengths and Michael Jordan was no exception.

24) Top 5 Words In Billboard Top 100 By Decade

top five words in song titles featured in the billboard top 100 by decade
Credit: /u/giorasim

Love, love, love. Although less and less of it since the 60s.

25) Deaths From Heart Disease in the United States

deaths from heart disease by state
Credit: /u/heyusoft

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