“I Just Made Junior Partner At My Law Firm” Starterpack

junior partner at law firm starterpack

Long Hours

Seen as a badge of honor in the corporate world, working yourself to the bone and staying late shows your superiors that you’re a real¬†go getter. You won’t make senior partner you gotta’ put in those 80 hours per week.

 German Sports Cars

Nothing says “I’m new to money” like a Mercedes C-Class. Although these cars are awful investments they’re important to let everyone know that you’re a baller.


Or Adderall, take your pick. Many junior associates rely on stimulants during the day in order to focus and pull those all-nighters needed to crush it at your cubicle.

Fancy Watches

Another time-tested status symbol is the luxury watch. Tag Heuer, Rolex, and the classic Victorinox all let the senior partners know that you’re on the up and up.

Self Help/Leadership Books

The Art of War is the go-to book for many alpha-type personalities who are looking to add an extra edge to their management skill set.

Designer Prescription Sunglasses

Nothing sets a young lawyer apart quite like a pair of expensive designer glasses.


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