The 10 Most Universally Hated Characters in Nerd Culture

1) Jar-Jar Binks


From his cracking voice to the accusations of racism, Jar Jar Binks is a Star Wars character that fans would soon rather forget. While most likely added to provide some comic relief, Jar Jar has become synonymous with the generic quality that plagued the Star Wars prequels.

2) Scrappy Doo

scrappy doo hated by fans

What was the point of introducing Scrappy Doo? Was it to give Scooby some responsibility when he wasn’t participating in shenanigans with the rest of the gang? In the movie Scrappy actually turns out to be the bad guy. It looks like the writers were feeling the audience’s pain.

3) Clippy

clippy the microsoft word helper

If you used any Microsoft Office products from 1997-2003 you most likely ran across its virtually helper, Clippy. Many nerds found the animated paperclip to be insulting and and completely intrusive. Discontinued with the introduction of Office 2007, it’s since been heavily mocked and is seen as one of the biggest software design blunders of all time.

4) Robin Arryn

Robin-Arryn game of thrones

Robin Arryn is a recurring character in Game of Thrones. The Lord of the Eyrie, Robin is seen by many as an entitled, whiny character. Shamelessly spoiled by his mother, Robin is the heir apparent that every nerd loves to hate.

 5) Tammy

tammy from rick and morty

Tammy Gueterman is a character from the popular Adult Swim series Rick and Morty. Universally hated by fans, Tammy is a deep-cover agent working for the Galactic Federation. When boy-crazy schoolgirl was revealed as a backstabber she became the Skyler White of Rick and Morty.

6) The Cast of “Big Bang Theory”

cast of the big bang theory

Sheldon and the gang are despised by true geeks who feel that the show panders and paints nerd culture in a negative light. Instead of laughing with these “lovable” group of nerds the audience often times laughs at them. 

7) Preston Garvey

preston garvey fallout 4

A main character in the popular video game Fallout 4, Preston Garvey is seen by many as an unnecessary character who does everything in his power to steer you from more important missions. Players are constantly inundated by Preston’s requests for you to save yet another settlement.

8) Lori Grimes

lori grimes walking dead

Lori Grimes is a main character and one of the original survivors in the massively popular AMC show The Walking Dead. Often seen as a disloyal and all around condescending person, Lori Grimes managed to become one of the most hated characters in the history of zombie entertainment.

9) Shou Tucker


Sewing Life Alchemist from the cult series Full Metal Alchemist. True nerds never bought his soft-spoken holier than thou attitude. His decision to sacrifice his own wife and daughter in order to keep himself from poverty is one of the biggest scumbag moves in the history of Anime.

10) Mutt Williams

shia as mutt williams

Many nerds consider the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull the worst movie in the Indiana Jones franchise. For good reason; the plot is generic/unbelievable and even worse the titular character (played by Shia Leboof) is a cocky wannabe-action hero who in the eyes of nerds never quite lived up to the hype surrounding the return of the beloved action franchise.

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