The Easiest Ways To Accidentally Die

1) Replacing Your Garage Door

replacing the garage door

Garage doors are stronger and heavier than most people think and when they slip/break/slide, bad shit happens. They’re spring loaded can easily crush/asphyxiate a grown man when handled improperly. Garage door replacement is best handled by a professional. 

2) Choking While Eating Alone

cooking meat and choking on it

This one is terrifying to me. Choking on a pork chop and slowly dying with no one around has to be one of the worst ways to go.

3) Overdose on Prescription Drugs

overdose on prescription drugs

Listen to your doctor and pharmacist. Read the label carefully. Don’t take more than you’re supposed to. This sounds simple but thousands of people die every year from overdosing on their prescription medications every year. Heath Ledger is a tragic example of this.

4)Driving While Tired

sleepy driver

This is why many long-haul truck drivers pop speed pills. Driving can be mentally draining on your mind and body. A one second mistake can cost you your life and endanger others on the road.

5) Swallowing Your Own Vomit

passed out after drinking

This can happen to people who’ve had too much to drink. It’s advised that if you’re with someone who’s drunkenly passed out and puking you should lie them on their side so they don’t spit up and choke themselves.

6) Walking On Train Tracks

girl walking on train tracks

This has to be one of the dumbest ways to die. First, don’t walk on train tracks unless you’re shooting an album cover for your folk band, Second, if you do find yourself having to walk on train tracks for god’s sake stay vigilant. Trains can travel up to 100mph and often times they seem to come out of nowhere.

7) Drowning

person drowning in pool

Riptides are more dangerous than people think. So are pools, lakes, the ocean. It can happen in a split second.

8) Allergic Reaction

fatal allergic reaction

Many people find out they’re allergic to something only after they’ve had a severe reaction to it.

9) Texting While Driving

texting while driving

People who complain about these millennials who text and drive are often guilty of doing the same thing themselves. I’ve even caught my mom doing it. Keep your eyes on the road and off your phone.

10) Falling Down Stairs

guy falling down stairs accident

According to the world health organization it is the second leading cause of accidental deaths worldwide.


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