15 Browser-Based Video Games For When You’re Bored At Work

1) The Wiki Game

the wiki game

The Wiki Game is incredibly addicting. It’s like Six Degrees Of Bacon only for Wikipedia articles. The goal is to reach one specific Wikipedia entry by clicking through links on other pages. There’s a counter on the left side that shows how many clicks you are away from your goal. An absolute must for trivia enthusiasts and a somewhat productive way to kill time when you’re bored at your computer.

2) Geoguessr

geo guesserWhat a brilliant game this is. It shows you a unique location from Google street view where you can walk around to get a feel for the area. You then click a location on a world map to guess where you are. It then shows you the actual location and how far away your guess was. Geography buffs will find hours of entertainment on this site.

3) Tetris.com

play tetris online

Featuring the original music! It allows you to use classic keyboard controls or your mouse to control the blocks.

4) Sporcle


The mother of all quiz sites. Sporcle lets you choose from thousands of quizzes ranging from geography to movie trivia. It even lets you create your own quizzes to share and play with friends.

5) Dust

dust physics simulator

Dust is a unique java-based browser game that lets you test how naturally-occurring elements interact with each other. Choose from elements like ice, bubbles, acid, vines and much more. More of a simulation than a game but is interesting nonetheless.

6) Sonny 2

sonny 2 browser game

If Double Dragon and World Of Warcraft had a child it would be Sonny 2. In this browser-based fighting game you can build up your hero’s skills and fight enemies using brains, brawn, or a combination of both.

7) Robot Unicorn Attack

rainbow unicorn attack browser game

Published by Adult Swim Games, Robot Unicorn attack puts you in control of well, a robot unicorn. It’s a platformer with similar physics to the wildly popular Flappy Bird.

8) Civilization

play civ for free online

Most people don’t know that you can play Sid Meier’s classic game for free online. The classic turn-based strategy game is an all-time favorite amongst older gamers and this open source version doesn’t disappoint. With all the features (and music) of the original, Civ online is a great way to kill time.

9) Frog Factions

frog factions browser based video game

Frog Fractions is like Smash The Fruit with a little bit of math mixed in. It’s entirely controlled through your mouse where you control a frog that’s snapping up different sized insects with its tongue. Each insect is assigned a different number and you can you can eat several insects  at once.

10) Diep.io

Diep.io browser based video ggame

A throwback to arcade classics like pong and space invaders, Diep.io is an addictive top-down shooter that features a fully-fleshed out upgrade system and smooth animations that really makes you appreciate how far HTML5 has come in terms of creating seamless online gaming experiences.

11) Happy Wheels

happy wheels browser game online

This browser game puts the user in control of a wheelchair-bound character who must traverse vector-based terrain and try not to fall into a pit of nothingness.

12) Incredibots 

incredibots browser game

A neat little game for creative folk. You make 2d shapes that you can customize and stack on top of eachother. It’s basically a browser-based lego game.

13) Kingdom of Loathing

kingdom of loathing browser game

This game proves that game developers can make minimalism workIt’s like a low budget action RPG that lets noobs traverse a rocky landscape armed with wits and supplies.

14) Slither

slither browser based video game

Visually this game is stunning,  especially if you’re playing on a high-pixel density screen like a MacBook Pro. You control an inchworm that must navigate amongst other predatory worms to grow. The more you grow the harder it gets.

15) Trials In Tainted Space 

trials in tainted space browser videogame

A pure RPG, Trials in Space is a choose-your-own-adventure game that lets you completely customize your character in terms of physical traits, mental abilities, and how the fight their enemies. It’s like Magic The Gathering for your internet browser.

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