Best Of: Map Porn

1) U.S. State Highway Marker Shields

us state highway marker designs
Credit: /u/glikithvinayaka

California has the coolest highway marker shield design, followed by Colorado. I never knew that each state had its own unique markup until I saw this map.

2) Flight Map Shows Planes Actively Avoiding Iraq and Syria

planes avoiding iraq and syria
Credit: /u/varsch

Probably because these countries are shit shows riddled with civil war and unstable governments. Airlines probably don’t want to run the risk of a commercial flight being shot down by anti-aircraft guns. Worth the extra 45-60 minutes.

3) A Map of Nations When Asked the Question “Which Country is the Largest Threat to World Peace?” (2013)

countries perceiving other countries as threats
Credit: /u/loulan

And here I am thinking the United States is the one keeping the peace.

4) Map of the Largest Non-Governmental Employers by U.S. State

non government employers by state
Credit: /u/sendherhome22

It’s no surprise that Wal-Mart dominates this map. Their supercenters are found in virtually every state.

5) Each State’s Biggest Exporting Partner

each states biggest exporting partner
Credit: /u/TheAmazingGamerNA

None of these are a surprise except for Florida and Nevada.  Florida is sending Brazil mostly technology — from consumer tech to aircraft — and fertilizer. Nevada meanwhile, enjoys a fruitful relationship with Switzerland exporting gold. 

6) Freedom Of Press Map (2017)

freedom of press map by each country
Credit: /u/zitronante

Very few countries enjoy good status. China’s record of press freedom is downright abysmal along with much of the Middle East.

7) Most Recurring Word On Each Country’s Wikipedia Page

recurring wikipedia words for each country
Credit: /u/saxmansteve

Australia is often mentioned as being a country founded by European expatriates and it’s no surprise that the word new would be it’s most recurring word in its Wikipedia entry.

8) U.S. States Scaled Proportionally To Population Density

us states mapped to population density
Credit: /u/starboardcapsized

The Northeast United States is crowded. 

9) The Wooly Mammoths Range at its Peak

wooly mammoths peak range
Credit: /u/masiakasaurus

The Wooly Mammoth was a tough bastard, existing in arctic climates before they ultimately went extinct.

10) The Dude Map U.S. (Terms Men Use to Refer to Their Friends)

friend terms that men use
Credit: /u/holytriplem

I never realized Texas was such a bro-friendly state. I always associated the term with Northeast frat guys.

11) The Depths of the Great Lakes

great lakes depths
Credit: /u/ripsaw99

Lake Superior indeed. It makes you wonder how much of these lakes have truly been explored from top to bottom.

12) Countries With No Rivers

countries that have no rivers
Credit: /u/ darth_stroyer

A very minimalist map, it appears that several countries in the Middle East have no naturally occurring rivers.

13) Percentage of Europeans Who’re Willing To Fight in a War for Their Country

europeans who would fight for their country
Credit: /u/ Spartharios

Eastern Europe seems to be way more willing than Western Europe to put their lives on the line for their country.

14) How Long is Chile?

how long is chile
Credit: /u/ bezzleford

You don’t realize how long Chile is until you lay it over other countries.

15) Best Selling Musical Artist In Each State

best selling musical artist by state
Credit: /u/famicon3

Madonna was born in Michigan so that makes sense I guess? I figured Eminem or Kid Rock would have had that state on lockdown.

16) Number of Executions in Each State Since 1976

number of executions in each state
Credit: /u/lursh123

Don’t mess with Texas.

17) Federally-Owned Land in the United States

federally owned land in the united states
Credit: /u/naprea

The Wild West appears to still be wild as long as it’s federally protected. Good on the U.S. government for protecting these beautiful areas.

18) Clan Map of Ireland

clan map of ireland
Credit: /u/SirSlothington69

Ireland is a small but culturally divided country.

19) Paid Maternity Leave by Country

paid maternity leave by country
Credit: /u/Say_Me_Your_dady

It’s shocking that the United States is one of the few countries that doesn’t offer paid maternity leave.

20) The Town of Springfield (from the Simpsons)

map of springfield
Credit: /u/CurtisLeow

I’m not sure how this was put together but I never knew how dense Springfield was.

21) Electoral Votes Per Person By State

electoral votes per person for each state
Credit: /u/parlezmoose

It’s safe to say that the upper-Western states are overrepresented in Congress.

22) Noise Levels From Natural Sources (U.S.)

natural noise levels by state
Credit: /u/crnaruka

Credit the West for being noisy. Geological formations like mountains (The Rockies) are most likely to blame for this.

23) Most Popular Sport in Each Country

popular sports in each country
Credit: /u/MetalManiac619

Soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world.

24) When Most Houses Were Built In Europe

when europe built most of its houses
Credit: /u/ fictional_doberman

World War 2 decimated much of Europe. It’s amazing to see just how many houses were built after the war.

25) How Much Snow is Required to Close School in Each State

how much snow is rerquired to close school in each state
Credit: /u/atrubetskoy

Even the idea of possible snowfall in the Southeast United States is enough to shut down school.

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