10 Actors Who Are Due For a Comeback

1) Brendan Fraser

brendan fraser in encino man

The internet and in particular Reddit have a massive nostalgia hard-on for Brendan Fraser. A 90s teen icon, Brendan found some footing in the Mummy franchise and even played a supporting role in the Oscar winning movie Crash but hasn’t starred in anything of significance lately.  Some blame his costly divorce settlement as being the reason for his career decline.

Notable Movies:

2) Ray Liotta

ray liotta in goodfellas

Besides Michael Corleone the character of Henry Hill may be the most memorable mobster portrayal in cinema history. After Goodfellas Ray Liotta was a staple of many 90s movies but has since been relegated to generic T.V. shows like Shades of Blue.

Notable Movies:

3) Ed Norton

ed norton primal fear

The Oscar-nominated actor first burst onto the screen in the controversial Neonazi drama American History X. Notoriously difficult to work with, Norton seems to have disappeared from the movie landscape in recent years. Although he did turn in a self-effacing role in the movie Birdman his star has seemed to fade.

Notable Movies:

4) Clive Owen

clive owen in shoot em up

Clive Owen is known for playing bad-ass roles in action movies but since Spike Lee’s caper film Inside Man we haven’t seen much of him.

Notable Movies:

5) Matthew Lillard

matthew lillard scream

“Surprise Syndey!!!” Lillard is most famously known for being one of the main villains in the classic horror film Scream. Since then he’s mostly shown up in T.V. shows and direct-to-DVD movies.

Notable Movies:

6) Jim Carrey

jim carrey rubbing the wall in cable guy

Jim Carrey was a force of nature in the 90s. One of the highest-paid comedic actors of all time, Carrey is now reduced to taking roles in children’s films like Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Lemony Snicket. I think everyone can agree that Mr. Carrey needs to take on more adult-themed comedic roles.

Notable Movies:

7) Val Kilmer

val kilmer in the doors

“You can be my wingman anytime!” Val Kilmer was another iconic 90s actor who seemed to be everywhere at once. His portrayal of Jim Morrison in The Doors is often considered one of the best biopic performances of all time. Lately though, it seems that Val has fallen off the map. Although I personally I loved his character Von Cunth from the cult movie MacGruber , we can use a little more Val in our lives.

Notable Movies:

8) Crispin Glover

crispin glover in back to the future

Fun fact: Crispin Glover was only 21 years old when he played George Mcfly in Back to the Future, making him older than his son in the movie, Marty Mcfly. Although never a leading man Crispin Glover has shown that he has the acting chops to carry a movie.

Notable Movies:

9) Rick Moranis

rick moranis wearing goofy hat in honey i shrunk the kids

Everyone’s favorite 80s movie dad, Rick Moranis starred in the blockbuster franchise Honey I Shrunk The Kids. The Canadian actor has since retired from Hollywood to raise his family. I think the world is poised for a Rick Moranis comeback.

Notable Movies:

10) Eddie Murphy

eddie murphy beverly hills cop

Eddie Murphy’s stand-up comedy specials are stuff of legend. Often considered one of the most influential comedians of all time Eddie was Hollywood gold during the 80s and 90s, leading the action franchise Beverly Hills Cop and blockbuster comedy The Nutty Professor. It’s been awhile since Eddie was considered a big box office draw, especially after flops like Pluto Nash and Daddy Day Care.

Notable Movies:

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