11 Deeply Unsettling Facts You May Not Know

1) There Are As Many As 90,000 Active Missing Person Cases In The U.S. at Any Given Time

missing person cases

While some of these people may very well be living under different identities it’s disturbing nonetheless.

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2) There Are Approximately 20-30 Million Slaves In The World Today

modern slavery

These 20+ million people are living as forced laborers, forced prostitutes, child soldiers, child brides in forced marriages and, in all ways that matter, as pieces of property, chattel in the servitude of absolute ownership.

3) The Crew Of The Doomed Space Shuttle Challenger Didn’t Die Instantly

challenger explosion

The crew inside was alive and well until the capsule hit the water at 200+ miles per hour.

4) The First Firefighter Killed In The 9/11 Attacks Was Struck In The Head By a Falling Human Body

falling bodies from 911 attack

Two people killed simultaneously — one on his way in, the other on their way out.

5) Your Eyelashes Are Full Of Microscopic Mites

eyelash mites

They live, lay eggs and reproduce in your eyelashes.

6) Hundreds Of People Per Year Experience Anesthesia Paralysis

Anesthesia ParalysisPeople go under anesthesia for hours at a time for during surgeries. Sometimes it doesn’t work, however. Some people’s bodies fall asleep but they stay conscious. Pretty disturbing.

7) 70% of American Adults are Overweight or Obese

obesity epidemic

I don’t see this getting better anytime soon.

8) Ants Outnumber People 1,000,000 to 1

giant ant mound

They’re everywhere and you may not know it.

9) A Blue Whale Has Veins So Large You Can Swim Inside of Them

blue whale footage

The biggest animals on planet earth, blue whales can also live to 200 years old.

10) CPR Only Works 7% Of The Time

cpr instructions

Not like in the movies where it works 100% of the time.

11) We’ve Only Explored 5% Of Our Planet’s Oceans

unexplored oceans

Screw going to Mars, maybe we should be building exploration bases on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

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