15 Fads That Needed To Die

1) Facebook Games

pet rescue facebook gameAn no, we’re not talking about the games you play when you stalk a new crush. Games like Farmville and Candy Crush at one time dominated our friend feeds. Nothing says “I’m new to FaceBook” like sending out game invitations to recently acquired friends. FaceBook has since rolled back its algorithm to suppress these type of requests and now chooses to show us baby and vacation pictures.

2) Laser Pointers in Movie Theaters

laser pointers in movie theatres have died as a fadIt was a ways back – maybe the late 90’s – but for a while there was always some dick that would keep doing shit on the screen during the movie. Incredibly hard to identify who. Thank god it died out on its own or we may have had to nuke the entire world.

3) Ed Hardy

ed hardy fasion fad has diedUnless you’re attending a UFC event you’re unlikely to see people rocking Ed Hardy these days. Once considered fashionable, Ed Hardy is now synonymous with trailer park millionaires and white trash teen moms.

4) Prank “Social Experiments”

youtube pop dollar prankThese douche bags on YouTube at one time were very popular. You have to have a seriously mean-spirited sense of humor to find these videos amusing. “It’s just a prank bro”. I’d like to see these guys go to South Central Los Angeles

5) Planking

Ugh, what was the point of that? It was mainly an excuse for people to take pictures of themselves, just like most social media-related fads.

6) Frosted Tips

Pour one out for the boy bands. Frosted tips were all the rage at one point in the late 90s/early 200s. These days the only men who dye their hair are rock singers and older men who are graying.

7) Trucknuts

guy installing truck nutsThese still may be popular in some rural areas but overall this awful trend seems to have died down. I’d like to think that the same people who rock Ed Hardy are the same ones with truck nuts installed.

8) Keep Calm and ___

keep calm shirt fadChurchill would have been spinning in his grave to see hipsters appropriating this phrase. Originally conceived as a way to tell British citizens to remain calm while under Nazi siege during WW2, it morphed into a generic term used to sell t shirts and push consumer goods.

9) Fake Nerd Glasses

fake nerd glassesYou made fun of me for wearing glasses (which I wear to avoid going under a fucking bus) way nicer than those all the way through school then suddenly they’re a fashion statement. Fucking wankers.

10) “That’s what she said.”

thats what she said fadIt was funny when Michael Scott said it on the office but then it just got out of hand. We all have that friend who thinks they’re original/funny when they apply this phrase to everyday situations.

11) Juicy Couture

juicy couture track suit fad diedMy mom has a few of these track suits from Kohl’s “bc they’re cozy and roomy”. She only relaxes at home in them. Good to know she’ll be on trend while hanging in the family room. Juicy Couture is the sister of Ed Hardy. 

12) Harlem Shake

I remember the office I was working at when it was big did a video and it was incredibly cringey. Although it did inspire some creative videos the whole thing got played out real fast.

13) YOLO

yolo from drake video fadThanks Drake, for giving us such a generic term that it eventually was used to describe bad behavior. Just got caught sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend? YOLO.

14) The Macarena

the macarena fad really needed to dieOne of the first times I remember being annoyed by pop culture is watching Regis and Kathie Lee (I think) doing those dance moves on TV. That’s how you know when a trend has reached its sell-by date: when much older people become aware enough to try to emulate it themselves.

15) Beanie Babies

beanie babies fadMy friend’s parents bought him every damn one to maintain his kiddy prestige. There was no way I could keep up! At one time these stuffed toys were fetching hundreds of dollar a piece on bidding sites like Ebay.

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