15 Binge-Worthy YouTube Channels

1) Demolition Ranch

demolition ranch youtube channel

Channel Link

These guys love blowing shit up. If you’re a gun enthusiast you’ll surely find plenty of content on their channel.

2) Cody’s Lab

codys lab youtube channel

Channel Link

Cool guy in Utah doing some nifty science experiments. Think Bill Nye without the polish.

3) Lazy Game Reviews

lazy game reviews youtube

Channel Link

He does great reviews of old hardware, computers and games. He also has a history segment where he goes over the history of various companies like AOL, Compaq, etc.

4) Click Spring

click spring youtube channel

Channel Link

He machines clocks from scratch, very interesting even if you don’t know anything about clocks or machining.

5) The Great War

the great war youtube channel

Channel Link

It covers World War 1 week by week as it unfolded 100 years ago and also includes specials that cover people and other things that played significant roles in the war. They have 300 some videos and theres still almost 2 years to go.

6) Doctor Stuart Ashen

Doctor Stuart Ashen

Channel Link

A soothing British man reviews broken toys and weird old games. Big archive to go through to if you are looking to binge.

7) Regular Car Reviews

regular cars youtube channel

Channel Link

This guy reviews not-so-sexy cars to hilarious effect.

8) ManyATrueNerd

many a true nerd youtube channel

Channel Link

A great gaming channel, mostly strategy/indie games. His vids are a bit long though usually about 40 – 60 mins.

It has cards against humanity and a lot of pretty good rip offs from gamecube games (Mario party, Mario kart)

9) Binging with Babish

binging with babbish youtube channel

Channel Link

He’s just starting to really get noticed now, his videos are short re-creations of meals from movies and shows.

10) Internet Comment Etiquette

internet comment etiquette youtube channel

Channel Link

This guy wades in the black waters that are internet comments. Funny, insightful, and informative. Learn how to be a better citizen of the internet.

11) Slow Mo Guys

slo mo guys youtube channel

Channel Link

I went through a period where I binged all their videos. It’s kind of relaxing to watch things happen in slow motion.

12) First We Feast

first we feast youtube channel

Channel Link

The show with hot questions and even hotter wings.

13) Cold Fusion TV

cold fusion youtube channel

Channel Link

Good quality tech videos. Not reviews or unboxing. Think informative.

14) The Escapist

the escapist magazine youtube channel

Channel Link

He’s an amazing binge watch. I don’t give a toot about half the games he covers but he makes them all interesting.

15) You Suck at Cooking

you suck at cooking channel

No bullshit, just cooking. This guy breaks down how to create the simplest dishes with easy-t0-follow instructions.

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