12 Things Modern Technology Has Effectively Killed

1) Concerts

concert ruined by fans holding up cell phones

Put your fucking phone away and enjoy the damn show. Letting friends on Instagram know that you’re attending a concert has become more important than enjoying the experience yourself. Our parents held up lighters during ballads and we’re holding up phone screens. I’m sure the concert promoters aren’t complaining though, especially when fans accompany these pictures #beiberconcert #verizoncenter #amazeballs.

2) Arcades

video arcades have gone missing because of technology

They are making a comeback in college towns especially with barcades. I just don’t know how much longer the old retro machines will last. Hipsters will surely find a way to make them cool again and give gamers the renaissance they deserve. There was nothing quite like skipping school to venture into the darkness of an arcade to waste money on Pacman and Burnout Paradise.

3) Getting Photos Developed

darkroom photography

I remember the good ‘ole days when after having a crazy weekend you went to Walmart to have photos developed from your disposable camera. You then waited in suspense to see how they turned out. Cameras in general have become obsolete and many of these picture centers have disappeared.

4) Blockbuster

old blockbuster video store

It was never about the movie, it was the whole experience. I remember getting bummed out when the New Releases section was out of stock with what I wanted, but then you get to strolling along the aisles; action, drama, comedy, taking it all in. Holding each case in your hand, reading the description, knowing you got one choice so it better be good. I miss it, I miss a whole lot of things. Though I do like the convenience of being a weekend hermit every now and then, entire libraries at my fingertips and I don’t even gotta put pants on. It’s a beautiful thing.

5) Book Stores

physical book storeDon’t get me wrong, I love being able to get whatever I want whenever I want it, but I also like hanging out and browsing aimlessly.

6)Urban Legends

bloody mary urban legendAll those scary stories that kids and teens told each other… there was no easy way to check on it. The world felt a little more exciting and dangerous.  mean don’t get me more I love having my questions answered, and I love the age of information. But sometimes it was so special when we didn’t have access to so many answers. It was fun to try to work it out for ourselves.

7) The Night Sky

the night skyBefore cities and towns were lit up 24/7 you could see an earthporn quality sky from anywhere. Now you can only see a sky like that if you drive hours away from a city.

8) Four Player, Split-Screen Video Games

goldeneye 64 split screenI love playing online but it just isn’t as good as having all your mates over and playing on the same screen. Who else remembers the golden days of Goldeneye on Nintendo 64?

9) Bar Trivia

bar trivia has been ruined by technologyAlthough many people respect the rules by not looking at their smartphones during trivia night there’s always that asshole who cheats.

10) Passing Notes in Class

students now text instead of passing notesWe folded them into all these crazy little shapes and decorated them with drawings. I remember how it felt getting a note passed to you and it was so fun, such a different feeling than a text. I had a pencil box full of notes that I kept after High School. When I stumbled upon it a few years ago it was like a little treasure chest of all these personalized memories. The handwriting and doodles of all my friends, it was awesome.

11) Mechanical Calculators

mechanical calculatorI’m talking about Curta. Google it, they are really cool. It’s impressive how they built them, looking at the diagram! Edit: Holy crap almost 700 upvotes and so many replies! I expected to get maybe 100 tops!

12) Anonymity

The ability to be completely unreachable for hours and hours each day and not have people lose their shit. I’d jump on my bike on a Saturday and go out with my friends and my parents would have no way to locate or contact me.

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