10 Simple Ways To Boost Self Confidence

1) Hold Your Head High (Posture)

man holding head high for better posture

Good posture has all kinds of health benefits and can greatly improve how others perceive you. When walking, focus on holding your chin high and hold your gaze on what’s in front of you instead of looking to the ground.

I’ve found that there are several proven ways to correct your posture and stand with more confidence:

  • Lifting – working out your back muscles can do wonders for your posture. Helpful lifts include: upright rows, planks, dumbbell side bends, reverse dumbbell flys, and lat pulldowns. Guide: Back Exercises The Improve Posture
  • Corrective brace: Like this one found on Amazon , corrective posture braces help keep you upright when you feel yourself slouching. They’re not always the most comfortable but they do a great job of developing muscle memory: After using one for awhile you’ll feel yourself standing upright even when you don’t have it on.
  • Self awareness: developing good posture requires you to be mentally aware of when you’re slouching. You must constantly remind yourself to keep your chin high and have your shoulders pulled back and aligned with the rest of your body.

2) Read a BOOK

man read a book

Reading enhances your vocabulary and makes you wittier in social situations. And just don’t read blogs and FaceBook posts, pick a good book about something that interests you and finish it the whole way through. It will not only build your vocabulary and make you a better conversationalist but also give you an appreciation for well-crafted narrative.

Some Classic Books That Everyone Should Read:

3) Socialize With Strangers

talk to a stranger to improve self confidence

It seems daunting, but sparking conversations with strangers can do wonders for your self confidence. If you have the ability to go up and talk to anyone you’re a step ahead of the curve.

Suggested places to meet new people:

  • The Library
  • Bars/Restaurants
  • Public Parks
  •  Sporting Events
  • Coffee Shops

4) Take a Martial Arts Class

martial arts class

Knowing you have the ability to kick someone’s ass when the shit goes down gives you an intangible sense of security in tense situations. It’s also a good way to stay in shape and keeps your mind focused.

Book: Tai Chi Fundamentals for Beginners

5) Keep A Journal

writing in a journal to improve self confidence

Keeping a daily journal can be a cathartic and helpful way to sort your thoughts out. Psychologists often recommend this to people who suffer from anxiety and/or obsessive compulsive disorder. Expressing yourself through written word better prepares you for real-life conversations that require thought-out answers to difficult questions.

Buy a Standard Black Journal For Recording Your Thoughts

6) Learn To Say “No”

learn to say no to improve your confidence

Being too agreeable can be a bad thing. Learn to stand your ground in situations where you don’t feel comfortable with what you’re being asked to do. Even in professional settings saying “no” is a risk worth taking and may actually earn you respect from your superiors.

Book: No More Mr. Nice Guy

7) Get Regular Haircuts

getting regular haircuts improves self confidence

This applies to men especially. While we think simply adding hair products like gel and wax keeps those stray hairs down in reality it’s quite obvious when someone needs a proper haircut. Consider scheduling bi-weekly appointments with your barber if your hair grows fast and/or if you suffer from out-of-control neck hair.

SuperCuts usually gets the job done and they even have mobile apps that allow you to make appointments and check-in:

8) Meditation/Yoga

meditation to improve self confidence

It’s no secret that meditation has many physical and mental benefits. Although frustrating at first, once you get past the first few sessions spending 15 minutes per day doing breathing exercises will become 2nd nature. Incorporating meditation into your daily routine will clear your mind and give clarity when dealing with everyday situations.

To get started with meditation we recommend the Headspace App for Android and iOS:

9) Traveling Alone

travelling alone to improve self confidence

While it may not be in everyone’s budget to backpack through Europe you can still make it a point to plan a domestic solo road trip for a long weekend. Traveling alone can teach you a lot about yourself.

Guide: Backpacking Through Europe

10) Listen To Happy Music

happy music can improve your self confidence

You don’t even have to listen to necessarily happy music, but it helps to listen to music that gets you “pumped” on a personal level.  For some people it may be heavy metal or rap while others like listening to movie and video game soundtracks to get in the zone.

Study: Music Engagement And Subjective Well-Being

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