10 Common Misconceptions About Guns

1) Car Doors Are Bullet-Proof


In reality car doors are a piece of steel less than 2″ thick, some sound deadening material, and a plastic cover on the inside. The smallest common calibre (.22) will punch through most car doors with ease. Just ask Biggie and Tupac.

2) Scoped Rifles Make Long Distance Shooting Easy

long range scoped rifle

Videogames would have you think otherwise but in reality the more powerful the scope is the shakier and harder it is to hit a target, especially if it’s moving. There’s no L3 button in real life. Often times military snipers will ingest a nerve-steadying drug like Diazepam to calm their nerves while shooting enemies at long distances.

3) How Loud They They Really Are

gunsjots are really loud in real life

Shooting guns without ear protection can result in permanent hearing loss. Movies and T.V. shows would lead you to think that it’s possible to have full conversations while in battle but in reality the mini sonic boom they create can make the whole ordeal disorienting especially for people who don’t have experience with firearms. Even with a silencer equipped they’re still loud enough to cause a commotion.

4) Bullet Impacts Send Bodies Flying

bullets dont send bodies flying

In movies and videogames when people are hit by bullets their bodies are often sent flying (comically) across the room. In reality if you get hit by a bullet you usually just drop to the ground. Game over.

5) Guns Go Off For No Reason

accidental gun goes off

Although accidents do happen many people think that mishandling a gun can randomly cause it to go off. In reality, there’s no reason a gun should go off if the safety switch is on. Modern guns have a very reliable system in place to make sure this doesn’t happen. This includes random drop. Most of the time when a gun goes off there’s a reason. 

6) Taxing Bullets Will Lower Crime Rates

 chris rock on gun control

These kind of policies would only hurt law-abiding gun enthusiasts who frequent shooting ranges. A criminal may need only a bullet or two to end someone’s life. Chances are if you’re willing to go that far spending $50 on a bullet would be an afterthought.

7) For Self Defense Just “Shoot Them in the Leg”

shooting someone in the leg self defense

Take a 9mm pistol to a shooting range and set the target 20ft out then tell me how easy it is to consistently group the bullets within 8″ diameter of each other. Unless you have extensive training and practice the average civilian in a self-defense situation has little chance of disarming an assailant with a proper leg hit.

8) .22 Rounds Aren’t Dangerous

22 caliber guns are still dangerous

Sure, it they won’t go through a tree, but in open air? It can still easily kill at a mile out. Even the weakest shot can be deadly.

9) We MUST Keep Guns Away From Our Children

child gun safety is important

Do you want your kid to find a random gun? The media would lead us to believe that we should keep guns away from our children at all costs but in reality it’s a good idea to educate them on how to safely handle them in case they find themselves in one of these precarious situations.

10) Finger On The Trigger

finger on the trigger

Fun fact: the only people trained to have their finger on the trigger when they pull their gun is the Secret Service. In escalating situations it’s very poor practice to have your weapon drawn with your finger in the shoot position. THAT is how accidents happen.

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